About Beckar Studio

About Beckar Studio

A Creative Space Where Your Vision Comes Together

Beckar Studio provides an end-to-end solution for interior design advice and delivery.

After 20+ years’ experience in the design industry and winning a Top 3 Award in Victoria as a Graphic Designer, founder Pam wanted to create a platform where people could not only visit a studio and enjoy the elusive design experience, but to be able to physically see and touch some of the luxurious products that are recommended in the consultations. After years of planning, the impressive studio was brought to life in 2020, in the heart of Templestowe. The design studio showroom boasts a wide range of deluxe finishes, gorgeous mood boards, innovative products and an abundance of style inspiration for you to soak in.

Reflect Your Lifestyle

Driven by watching people’s dreams come to life, Pam’s focus is to create refined spaces that are not only aesthetically engaging, but reflect their clients’ lifestyle, functionality requirements and unique personality. The team at Beckar Studio works collaboratively with their clients to understand their needs, budget and timeline, so they can deliver a tailored solution for anybody, on any budget. Whether you need a complete overhaul of your style, or have a small DIY project that requires some niche design advice, Beckar Studio can help provide direction to create an incredibly lavish result.


Our Collaborations

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A Completely Streamlined Process

Not only can Beckar Studio design your space or help you define your style, but they can help you implement the updates by sourcing and providing the products for you. Taking advantage of the strong relationships formed over the years, Beckar Studio supplies a wide range of products including tiles, tapware, carpet, engineered flooring, door hardware and mosaics. Beckar Studio also works closely with other suppliers and tradespeople to facilitate a bespoke design experience, delivering a completely streamlined service for their clients. With the ability to manage your entire project from conception to delivery, Beckar Studio takes the hassle out of the design process, giving you more time to enjoy the experience.


Turn Your Dream Home Into Reality

If you would like to turn your dream home into reality, contact Beckar Studio to arrange an online interior design consultation or visit their brand-new Interior Design Showroom in Templestowe today.

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